by Snowtroll

I haven't fired a single paintball in my life(and probably never will), but don't you ever do anything to make people think that markers are 'collectibles' and should be kept 'new in box' or something.

Every time a company with a product decides that what they make can be considered 'collectible' they tend to spew out loads of different (useless)versions in the hope of cashing in on the collectors market.

Most Barbie dolls are sold to collectors(or so I've been told), the same with most 'action figures'.
Want Darth Vader pictures on your bog roll?
4 different versions of the same comic, with the only difference being the foil-embossed covers?
(Yeah, Marvel, I'm looking at you... )
A Hello Kitty vibrator?

There's 'limited editions' of cars, where the only difference between it and the standard versions is that they've added a 'custom' paintscheme...
On all 20.000 of them...

So, collect markers if you want, but make certain they're used, or is aways usable, even if all you do with it is to 'decorate' a rusty wreck in the back yard. And never EVER use wording like 'collector piece', 'museum grade' or 'new in box' about them.

Yeah, I'm a collector...
Of vintage computers.
(Lost count somewhere after 200. And I doubt a single one of them qualify as 'museum grade'. Most of hem had a productive 'life' before I got hold of them. Even the Atmark Pippin console which I bought as 'new in box' can no longer be called that. Oh, and the reports are correct, it sucked... )

Posted on Jul 21, 2012, 10:48 AM

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