Of course there are!

by Hans

I'll start with a few questions, which I always pose to an engine build query....
What's the engine going to be doing?
What vehicle?
What useage?

It's been a while since I've really dug into cam numbers, but .529 is a fair sized lift IIRC. What kind of duration is the cam? What's your target powerband? Just based on the little bit of cam numbers you're showing, I'm guessing you're looking at a high RPM powerband. What's the compression ratio going to be?

I'm not familar with those heads, but can they support the extra flow that the 2.02 valves will allow? Or are they narrow valve heads that you're just going to cut bigger seats into? Do your pistons have the clearance for the cam/valve combo you're looking at?

2-bolt or 4-bolt block?

I'm not a big fan of randomly slapping engine parts together and seeing what they do, I find things work out so much nicer if you start with a target performance level and build to match that.


Posted on Jul 22, 2012, 6:15 PM

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