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so, my take is, if you're not planning to terrorize the dragstrip with this thing, (it's a truck, after all) and all other things being equal: The smaller intake valves will give better port velocity, leading to more in-cylinder tumble, swirl and turbulence effects; and smaller exhausts promote velocity across the ports for better scavenging. . . all of which will make for better transient response and better part-throttle manners.

(for those just joining us: turbulence in the intake side will tend to improve charge mixing, which is where carbs (and TBI) tend to fall down a bit. That'll do good things for mileage and tend to keep carbon deposits at bay longer. . .)

I've no opinion on your carbs; my experience is more in the Weber and Solex line. The only carbed V-8s I've dealt with were severely smog constrained, (Yay california) or in work vehicles. I did some messing with Q-jets, which was mostly down to fiddling with the secondaries and kick-down linkages and trying to keep things from going really lean at low RPM and WOT so the engine would give good service under the sort of abuse that field techs give a vehicle.

Posted on Jul 23, 2012, 8:07 AM

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