Frankly, I've been waiting for this...

by Snowtroll

Who the H! decided that Ethanol made from food-grade plants was a good/green idea?

No matter what they say, Ethanol is NOT a solution, at least not on a large scale.
For a farm to use some of their 'excess' production for fuel for their own machinery, that might make sense, but when the entire production of a farm goes to Ethanol, then what?
(It wouldn't surprise me that if you study all steps of the production, from planting to it's ready to mix in with the ordinary fuel, you end up with higher CO2 numbers than with ordinary fuels)

They'd get better results if they started banning some of the worst fuel-hogs out there.
(Maybe a $100 price on Hummer drivers? Should reduce the CO2 production considerbly... just remember, headshots won't work. No vital organs... )

I'd mention the Ford F-series among the hogs, but there are actually a few of those that are in use by people who need that kind of vehicle. (Only a few, though)

Posted on Jul 24, 2012, 8:40 AM

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  1. Who decides?. hp_lovecraft, Jul 24, 2012
    1. Re: Who decides?. Nohbody, Jul 24, 2012
    2. Oil will never run out?. Snowtroll, Jul 24, 2012
      1. Not for the forseeable future, no.... Doc Nickel, Jul 25, 2012
        1. Please clarify?. asdf, Jul 25, 2012
          1. Clarifications:. Doc Nickel, Jul 25, 2012
            1. 18 billion barrels isn't much. Engineer-Poet, Jul 25, 2012
              1. The typical error.... Doc Nickel, Jul 26, 2012
                1. Conventional wisdom is often in error. Engineer-Poet, Jul 26, 2012
                  1. (Cracks knuckles). Doc Nickel, Jul 27, 2012
                    1. Rare Earth Mining. Tristan Phillips, Jul 27, 2012
                      1. You can prove anything if you ignore contrary facts. Engineer-Poet, Jul 27, 2012
                        1. Except your facts aren't "contrary".... Doc Nickel, Jul 27, 2012
                          1. You aren't getting the full picture. Engineer-Poet, Jul 28, 2012
                            1. Long term solutions for short term problems?. Tristan Phillips, Jul 28, 2012
                        2. Not a single contrary point. Tristan Phillips, Jul 28, 2012
                          1. Yet you still set up straw men and go negative. Engineer-Poet, Jul 28, 2012
                            1. Calling it a strawman doesn't make it so. Tristan Phillips, Jul 28, 2012
        2. Actually.... Snowtroll, Jul 25, 2012
          1. A few corrections. Hans, Jul 25, 2012
          2. "..why reach that point sooner than necessary?". ta2maki, Jul 25, 2012
          3. So whast's your point?. Doc Nickel, Jul 25, 2012
        3. Fracking? but at what cost?. 63VDub, Jul 25, 2012
          1. Defiles?. Doc Nickel, Jul 25, 2012
  2. Gasohol isn't a green idea; it's a farm subsidy. Stu Friedberg, Jul 24, 2012


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