With any luck...

by Bergman Oswell

...the corn shortage will cause all the companies that dump high-fructose corn syrup into their products to switch back to normal sugar.

I used to love ketchup as a kid...then about the time I moved out and got my own place, my favorite brand switched from sugar-sweetened to HFCS. I chalked it up to changing adult tastes, that the ketchup stopped tasting good to me. Cut to now, a couple decades later, and someone hands me a bottle of ketchup at a picnic, and the stuff was awesome. Just like I remembered it from when I was a kid. Turned out of be a kosher brand, and since HFCS is mostly made from gene-modified corn, and gene-modified isn't kosher...

Posted on Jul 25, 2012, 6:50 AM

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