Yet you still set up straw men and go negative

by Engineer-Poet

The US enviroweenies have spoken for the past 30+ years: so long as it doesn't happen here we don't care....
we have, in large part, the enviroweenies' actions of the past 30 years to thank for it.
No, there you're wrong.  Those you slander as "enviroweenies" tried to get environmental and labor standards written into trade pacts such as NAFTA and WTO.  They were overruled by domestic "free-trade" lobbyists and foreign negotiators.  Did you think the pollution in China was going on without the full knowledge and assent of the Chinese power brokers... because the savings mean profits, and they get a cut?  The US has a fair amount of RE mining and refining capacity, but it's uneconomic at Chinese prices.  The Chinese carry the full responsibility; environmentalists have no influence on them, and could not block the trade pacts either.  They tried; I read the news at the time.
None of us in the US can directly affect what happens in China, unless we're prepared to pick up guns and start shooting as a nation.
We can stop buying from China, but that presumes other sources for those things we must buy.  I will not buy Chinese foodstuffs, which has meant giving up smoked oysters because I can't find any non-Chinese brands.  But where can I find a non-Chinese RE magnet?
What have you done (And continue to do) in your life to try and encourage such mining and manufacturing occur here in the US and not in China?
I've promoted thorium as a nuclear fuel, which would turn thorium from an expensive-to-separate waste product of RE mining into a source of revenue and open up RE deposits currently uneconomical to mine (Flibe Energy is the only commercial endorsement in the sidebar of my blog).  I have also fought the misconception that electric this and electric that requires RE magnets, using examples such as the Tesla Roadster and EV1 (both of which used induction motors, no permanent magnets of any kind).

I've been positive, showing what we CAN do.  Have you?

Posted on Jul 28, 2012, 8:22 AM

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  1. Calling it a strawman doesn't make it so. Tristan Phillips, Jul 28, 2012


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