Yeesh, and here I tought I was behind the times.

by MephitMark

Presently I have a used junker from a computer reseller, not to sure what is in it, but it is slower and crashes plenty. My normal computer, Franky (short for Frankenstein monster) took years to build up, and crunched the CAD work and graphics nicely. And now has t be rebuilt yet again.

And I still have, somewhere, a Radio Shack PC-1. With all the accessories. Though the screen has black bloches.

Though not a computer does my HP-15C count in some ways? Back when I bought it in 1988, it was more computer then anything else I had. And it still works like a champ! Though I now own a HP-32S, HP-9S, HP-10S, HP-20S, HP-39Gs, HP-48G and the reissued HP-35S. Okay, okay I like HP calculators! Their better built than any other rigs I seen out there.

Posted on Aug 2, 2012, 8:39 AM

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