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by Vulpis

Just an off-the-cuff thought on it (any response Doc makes is more accurate, having actually dealt with the field in question, obviously), but I'm betting part of the reason that sheet plastic was used like that was because it was relatively cheap and easy to replace when it does wear out. Also, you probably wouldn't want to make it too taut, either--if you try to make it trampoline-tight, after all, it's more likely that the ball will either severely dimple it or just plain poke a whole through rather than it just giving and then going back into shape.

A thought of my own--do you think it would be worth the cost/effort to lay down a slab of concrete and put up a reasonably secure storage shed on the field to hold the less-expensive gear, rather than toting it to and from?

Posted on Aug 13, 2012, 7:23 AM

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  1. Maybe in the future. Andrew, Aug 13, 2012


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