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by Doc Nickel

That would be true if the chamber can in fact contain the pressure spike. The issue, however, is that the expanding steam bubble does so explosively, at a pressure many times that- often twenty times that- of the operating pressure.

It is very much like a conventional chemical explosion- a ball of high pressure gas is produced in a very short period of time (milliseconds) which them tries to push it's way out of the container.

Assuming my math is even remotely close on my coffeemaker example, the venting steam- regardless of the idea of the 'driver' system- would release about as much energy as detonating one metric ton of TNT.



Posted on Jan 6, 2017, 11:43 PM

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  1. Yet, with the further complication .... Fish Preferred, Jan 7, 2017
    1. Doesn't work that way.... Doc Nickel, Jan 7, 2017
      1. Exceeding the operating pressure. Fish Preferred, Jan 7, 2017
      2. Isn't that why Chernobyl went BOOM? n/t. eddi, Jan 7, 2017
        1. Not really. Russ Kepler, Jan 8, 2017
          1. Temperature drops. beejay5169, Jan 8, 2017
          2. Thanks n/t. eddi, Jan 8, 2017
          3. When the molten metal hit the cooling fluid the resulting. FireFrenzy, Jan 9, 2017
            1. That was what I was remembering.... eddi, Jan 9, 2017


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