Agreed - You don't know how far the damage goes

by Bruce Bergman

If he bounced the tire off a power pole there could be literally tons of hidden damage - And he thinks replacing the fender bumper wrapper and headlight will make it all better...

Cracked alloy wheel, suspension arms, bent substructure where it all bolts up, the steering linkage, the halfshaft - Heck, he could have started a crack in the transaxle and you won't know it till the crack grows big enough to start leaking gear oil or one of the main mounting tabs snaps off...

They are supposed to have insurance against this sort of thing, and they obviously failed to exercise "reasonable care and control" while the car was in their possession.

This is the other side of the "It won't do it for the mechanic" problem, because their insurance company won't allow them to drive it aggressively. If the trouble only shows up when you get on the freeway and romp on the gas, they can't romp on it for this exact reason. You have to take them out for a ride and You romp on the gas and let them observe the problem.

Been there, got a new transmission in the E-250 van at 8,000 miles under warranty because they aren't supposed to Bang-Shift and try to break the axle and u-joints. The transmission is supposed to take several milliseconds to ease into the upshift, even at full throttle. You shouldn't have to lift off the gas and baby it through the shift every time, because it only takes forgetting it a few times and expensive stuff happens.

Posted on Jan 9, 2017, 10:24 AM

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