Cheap reusable target ammo for the SMG-60!

by Doc Nickel

For those of you that have an old Tippmann SMG-60 floating around, but can't find ammo for it (rare .62 cal paint as opposed to the standard .68 cal) our team of scientists here at Doc's Machine have developed a revolutionary new cheap, reusable, environmentally friendly target-range ammo for you!

Manufacturing it yourself at home is simple. You just need a flat-bottomed plastic tray or pan, some SMG clips, and some water.

[linked image]

Place the clips in the tray open end up, and fill it with water. Don't fill it all the way! You have to leave about 1/8" or so below the level of the clip plastic.

[linked image]

Then, if you live in Alaska, just set it outside for a few minutes. happy.gif

[linked image]

If you don't live in Alaska, we would like to offer our sincerest condolences, and suggest you can use a common household freezer.

Once the tray is solidly frozen, flex the tray and pop the block out, and just smack it against something solid.

[linked image]

Tap off any fragments sticking to the outside of the clip. If your tray wasn't quite perfectly flat, you'll get some excess ice, like so:

[linked image]

This won't fit into the SMG magazine, so we need to take that off. Which is easy- take the clip inside, and just press it against a countertop or other flat surface for a few seconds- the room-temperature surface will melt off the excess ice.

Here I used the edge of my welding table- the steel had plenty of thermal mass to finish the job. Do NOT let the extra clips rest on anything warm!

[linked image]

And that's it! You're done! Keep the filled strips cold and they're ready any time. I also recommend leaving the SMG outside (or in the freezer, if you have a tolerant spouse) to let it cool off, else the clips could start to melt too soon.

Remember the bit about leaving the clips only mostly full? You have to load them into the SMG with that low side facing towards the rear- this way, the clip-advance rocker has a place to catch the clip in order for it to feed properly.

[linked image]

After that, it's a simple matter of loading it up and letting 'er rip.

[linked image]

WARNING! Do NOT shoot these at other players! This trick is for TARGET PRACTICE ONLY! Shoot at soda bottles or empty cans or cardboard targets, or just into the trees behind the house. DO NOT SHOOT AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS!

Also: After you're done screwing around, spray down the magazine and barrel with some WD-40, so any remaining ice or moisture doesn't go on to rust the steel barrel, magazine housing or spring.

None of those parts are easily replaceable, and we don't want to see 'em ruined just for a few minutes of fun. happy.gif


Posted on Jan 9, 2017, 4:58 PM

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