Fast-Acting Sedatives

by PolarBearSama

Oh, now Doc sees what it's like when he's on "the other side of the screen", eh?
Usually, people are looking to hit /him/ with the fast-acting sedatives. :P

Which means that the answer really should be either just a "are you kidding?" stare, or like something out of the Matrix where whole racks of sedative options just pop out of nowhere.

Posted on Jan 11, 2017, 3:34 AM

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  1. I thought the sedatives were for Doc. Dave H, Jan 11, 2017
    1. Bingo.. Doc Nickel, Jan 11, 2017
  2. The sedagives? N/t. Khai, Jan 11, 2017
    1. First thing I thought as well. (N/T). T'Renn, Jan 12, 2017
  3. Re: Fast-Acting Sedatives. Jelsemium, Jan 11, 2017
    1. Sedatives. Chloe, Jan 11, 2017
      1. Every time I dip into Rivers of London I find gems like that. N/T. eddi, Jan 11, 2017
        1. Rivers. Chloe, Jan 12, 2017
          1. Reading comprehension. Bruce, Jan 12, 2017
            1. In that sense the main character is a black magician. (runs for cover) n/t. eddi, Jan 12, 2017
              1. Running for cover.... Chloe, Jan 13, 2017


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