Plastic Fantastic 3D Printing (workshop layout)

by Lord Redacted The Censored

Our workshop setup is rather unique

This house had three apartments initially. I rented the basement, and started accumulating 3D printers. The at-the-time girlfriend objected to the smell of ABS in the morning (as good women do) so rather than break up with her I rented the apartment upstairs for $350 a month. Moved all my furniture up there and continued to invest in workshop stuff downstairs. Now when it became clear that this one was not only worth upgrading to "wife" but a welder to boot, WE refurbished the garage into a welding studio for her.

So the garage has her three welders, a press-brake, the bridgeport and the Monarch lathe as well as my Arburg injection-molder. Funny story about how I ended up with that... I'll tell if you ask.

Downstairs, against the east wall I have six Flashforge Dreamers, against the south wall I have four Orion Deltas, and against the west wall I have two Robo, two TAZ, four Malyan machines and my material rack.

In the middle of the room "island" is my workcenter with a mini-mill and mini-lathe, four "drying buckets, belt-sander with extractor, and my computer work-station.

What used to be the apartment kitchen is where I keep the server, the Filistruder and more racks of material. I also keep all the shipping supplies in here and a bench for packing parts.

The old bedroom is where I keep the two **HIGHLY ILLEGAL** diode lasers and the hookups for the 60-watt CO2 Laser that is inbound. I also have a small jig-saw here and a table for cutting wood blanks to burn in the laser. Once I get the bigger laser online I won't need to cut with the saw nearly as much.

Between our two enterprises (my printing and her welding service) we have managed to stave off the bill-collectors, buy the house outright and remodel the upstairs into one living space instead of two apartments. We're actually on track to have a very good year (and it's only march) -- our goal is to make enough to switch our day-jobs to part-time and pursue the stuff we actually enjoy doing.

Posted on Mar 3, 2017, 8:36 AM

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