On lights...

by Doc Nickel

On the topic of lights, definitely go with LEDs. I'm a big fan, and they can provide a significant savings in electricity.

Also, strongly consider "area" lighting. In other words, if you wind up with the "one big room" type shop, it's worth putting in separate lights for areas like the commonly-used workbenches.

So that if you find yourself doing quite a bit of work along those benches, but not necessarily in the rest of the shop, you can just switch on those lights, rather than all the lights.

That's one of the benefits to the way my shop is set up, with a side room for the machines and a main work area for the big stuff. The majority of my work happens in the machine room, so it's well lit and bright. But being a separate room, I don't need to light up the entire shop

I also have a secondary "zone" of lights along the back wall, so that certain projects at the welding table, or the surface grinder, or the engine bench, again don't necessarily need all the shop lights.

Another idea is to have just a couple of fixtures on a separate switch- so that if you just need to walk in and grab a wrench real quick, you can just flick on those lights, just enough to get the task done, again without needing to turn on all the lights.

And, of course, don't forget the mood lighting- a nice big disco ball, some strobes, maybe a few lasers... Toss in a stripper pole...

Wait, scratch that. Wrong set of plans. happy.gif


Posted on Mar 3, 2017, 2:38 PM

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