I have a couple of plans.

by Hans

I'd like to avoid pulling the head if possible, because I need to keep the budget under control. If it has to get done though I'll do it. Though my preference is to wait until I can get my spare engine built down the road. Good topic for the next video and a member only Patreon post! Trying to avoid spending money twice.

The current plan is carbide. I don't believe I've touched the threads in the head at all on the previous attempt. So I've turned a drill guide that fits over the locating sleeve on the head, and picked up a couple 1/8" OD carbide burrs and bits. If I can get a good centered hole there's some hope I can get the EZ out removed and just remove the damn bolt and get back to re-assembly. If that doesn't work the next step is pulling the head. Going to give it a try either today or tomorrow.

Sounds like a GREAT thing, again, as a Patreon exclusive content piece.


Posted on Mar 4, 2017, 6:32 AM

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  1. Running updates on Patreon as I progress.. Hans, Mar 4, 2017


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