Not really the case...

by sniper1rfa

You're vastly underestimating the difficulty of automating these processes, and vastly overestimating the cost of a pair of hands.

Think about it this way: currently, you can staff your shop with skilled robots at the cost of about $30/hr/robot ($62,000/y, fully burdened). These robots can maintain themselves and program themselves, and include a pair of exceptionally versatile end effectors on their arms which are capable of operating simultaneously on a single part (or on two different parts) and include their own adaptive collision avoidance system. They have a sensor array that can respond to light, sound, touch, and heat, and can do rudimentary chemical analysis of gasses, solids, and liquids in real time.

In order to replace those with more reliable robots, you need to replace their functionality - probably with a robot from Boston Dynamics. Last I checked, their price list doesn't include anything under 7 digits, and you'll still need to program them for every new task that comes your way.

If you're making 5,000,000 pieces of something then it's worth automating to a significant degree. If you're going to spend a day making 100 of something, you're better off just hiring a human.

Posted on Mar 4, 2017, 1:42 PM

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