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by PolarBearSama

If it were an old issue, Jinx wouldn't be asking about all markers coming with two-piece barrels "these days." That makes it sound like something that's only recently started. So if it were an old magazine laying around, he'd more likely ask, "why did people used to go with those two-piece barrels?" or some variation thereof.

Though, I guess it could be the second-to-last issue and still be somewhat contemporary, depending on how often PB Crap Magazine was published. If it was a monthly or bi-monthly (meaning every-other month), and that previous "Jinx With Magazine" comic was from maybe 2 months ago comic-time (as you've mentioned previously, all of TWB takes place over less than a full calendar year or so), then this magazine could only be 4 months old or so...

... Hey, you ever wonder if you're over-analyzing something?... I think I might be doing that now. :P

Posted on Mar 4, 2017, 4:22 PM

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