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by T'Renn

I think I occasionally happened across this comic from one link or another and never got into it. This is not unprecedented, as I now realize that in the 70s, I happened across one specific episode of "Doctor Who" and every time I wondered what the fuss was about. (In my defense, it was the first episode of "The Android Invasion", in which the Doctor and Sarah Jane spend half an hour wandering aimlessly in the woods.) But I suspect those links were all paintball jokes that I didn't get well enough to read more.

The link that got me was Howard Tayler's link to this strip:

This time, I went back to the beginning and started reading, and I found that frequently enough, the reader didn't actually need specific knowledge of paintball, since many of the strips were really "dealing with retail customers from Hades" jokes. And many of the paintball-specific jokes I could figure out from context; for the rest, there is Google. wink.gif

For the "dishwasher" joke, I figured on a high probability that Swampy was being a smartass, and came here to confirm. :-D

Posted on Mar 4, 2017, 8:42 PM

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  1. Plus, some characters were n00bies. Jelsemium, Mar 5, 2017
    1. Sandy and Pirta's first games.... Spike, Mar 6, 2017
  2. Howard Tayler sent me here too. Dave H, Mar 5, 2017


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