That sort of works...

by J.Cook

Another method is either the 'slow bake' method (put the oven on the absolute lowest setting it has, and put the rifle in (or stock, or however much will fit) in with a disposable pan under it to catch the cosmoline for an hour or two.

The problem with that is that it might actually catch fire, which might put a damper on things. happy.gif

I've stuck with brake cleaner for the metal parts, and Simple Green for the wood parts. (although I'll cheerfully admit that I probably didn't go whole hog on the Mosin I have, because it looks pretty decent already from when the store I got it from had cleaned it up.

Posted on Mar 4, 2017, 9:43 PM

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  1. Easier and safer way to do that.. Z-man51, Mar 4, 2017


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