by smorizio

if your buying a new pc look at the new i3 with hyper threading as entry level pc. use a b or h 270chipset for the mb. with ram that cheap now got with two 8g stick kit so you dont have to open your pc latter. if your lucky see if you have local micro center for cpu and mb combo deals. if you have a pc
run spacy from here.
it read your hardware info where you can repost it. any of the older i3/i5 are still good cpu. with video editing you need a good entry level gpu the old 960 or amd 480. the amd gpu are on fire sale right now to clear them out. to replace a gpu check the age and slot of the mb if your pc is old like doc it may still have old agp video slot and not pci. the power supply then has to be check. the old 250w hp unit and dell will pop when used with a newer gpu.

Posted on Mar 11, 2017, 10:50 AM

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