Re: Really? For those who don't know...

by Donkey

I bet a large number of comics, like your own, have been lost to time since the only one that does computer archives them where the pubic can view them is the artist them self's.

Maybe some day someone will create a charitable foundation that would maintain a database to store web comics so old web comics wont be lost to the ages of time.

Posted on Mar 11, 2017, 2:31 PM

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  1. No bet!. Doc Nickel, Mar 11, 2017
    1. Keenspace/ComicGenesis.... Snowtroll, Mar 12, 2017
      1. A great many of them did.... Doc Nickel, Mar 12, 2017
        1. Sad to say that I'm part of that number. PhantomFox, Mar 12, 2017
        2. Re: A great many of them did.... Mikasi, Mar 17, 2017


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