No bet!

by Doc Nickel

No bet there. Here's The Belfry's listing of "lost" comics. "Lost" meaning it quit/ended, eventually the site itself closed down and now the domain is gone.

That's over five thousand comics.

Granted a good number of those probably never made it more than 20 to 50 strips in (I can see at least one in there that didn't make it into the double digits) but I can see many dozens of strips I used to read- 64 demons, As If, Angst Technology, Moondog, Radioactive Panda, the infamous and unlamented Space Moose happy.gif that hit the triple digits or even the quadruple digits.

That's a LOT of cool stuff lost.


Posted on Mar 11, 2017, 3:47 PM

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  1. Keenspace/ComicGenesis.... Snowtroll, Mar 12, 2017
    1. A great many of them did.... Doc Nickel, Mar 12, 2017
      1. Sad to say that I'm part of that number. PhantomFox, Mar 12, 2017
      2. Re: A great many of them did.... Mikasi, Mar 17, 2017


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