Usin' up the last of the old comics...

by Doc Nickel

This next two weeks, ladies and gentlemen, spells the last of my buffer.

No, I haven't been running solely on buffered strips all this time. Far from it. happy.gif Last summer I was able to amass a pile of just over sixty strips in the buffer, and I've been using those- and occasionally adding to- off an on ever since. I've had some times where I had a whole week of buffer, once I think we ran as long as three full weeks on preloaded strips, and the rest have been used up one or two at a time as needed.

After these two weeks (only five strips of which are actually buffer, the rest will need to be drawn daily as usual) I'm down to just two that are kind of random, and I have no idea yet where I can use them.

And, those five upcoming strips (most of which will be used next week) are strips I drew for an early buffer quite a while ago, and am only just now getting around to using. Here's the original (spoiler for those few who might catch this between now, when I post this, and in a few hours when Monday's strip goes live.)

[linked image]

Yep. Five years ago. And I'm not sure, but I think I may have actually drawn it even earlier- 2009 to 2010- and only cleaned it up and changed the date to '12. I mean, how long's it been since I showed Doc with a cigarette?

But, this finally uses these up. Last year when I built the buffer, I scoured my hard drives for strips like this- there were only 12 to 14- and this is it. With the exception of the two other 'random' strips, you ladies and gents have now pretty much seen every single TWB strip I've ever drawn. happy.gif

And boy, there's been a lot of 'em. happy.gif


Posted on Mar 13, 2017, 12:09 AM

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  1. Only one thing to do.... ChicagoPopsicle, Mar 13, 2017
  2. Doc with a cigarette. Fish Preferred, Mar 13, 2017
    1. And see, that's another one.... Doc Nickel, Mar 13, 2017


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