Brief recollection...

by Doc Nickel

Footrot Flats had, as I recall, a very brief showing in the world of webcomics way back towards the beginning. I suspect I probably saw it around 2001-2002, and I think (memory is fuzzy) that it wasn't being regularly updated at the time.

I suspect- although I have no proof, so this is just a guess- that the author and/or his publisher either put some out on the 'net as advertising, to get readers interested so they'd buy the books, or started posting them online as a sort of proto-webcomic. If the latter, I suppose they realized there was no real way to monetize the comic at the time, and they probably thought the "free" exposure would reduce the value of the remaining work. (Hey, all that was the prevailing mindset back in the day.)

I believe I ran across the same site and strips at least once more, possibly twice, over the years as I'd look around for new comics or follow links from various pages, but I don't think I ever saw it at a time when it was actually fresh or updating. (It may not have ever actually "updated" either- they may have just uploaded a handful of strips and called it good. I don't know.)


Posted on Mar 13, 2017, 12:16 AM

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