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by Doc Nickel

One of the things I've learned since I started this database, is that there's a whoooooole lotta TV shows I've never even heard of. happy.gif

For those playing at home, we're talking about The Definitive Guide to Paintball in the Movies, or DGPM. I've been working on it off an on for a couple of years now, and have something like 200 entries, with over fifty of them written up as an article with screenshots.

Did you know there was a rare piece of paintball gear in The Running Man? Yep, a brief glimpse of some old Oakley motocross goggles, which were used for a short time as paintball masks, primarily in Europe.

Or did you know there was a Sheridan P-68-SC pump shown in Demolition Man? Yep, on the screen when Simon Phoenix was asking the computer how to use the "phaser rifle".

Did you know the cartoon Dilbert had a paintball episode? Or that Robin Williams actually played?

Have you ever seen the First-ever depiction of paintball in a motion picture, from back in 1985? (Featuring, no less, students running around while openly carrying large handguns, on a busy, populated university campus in California!)

Something like this got mentioned here on the Guild way back- like 2001- and we've discussed it off and on many times since. I finally decided to put 'em all together into a single list, with screenshots and descriptions.

Give it a read! happy.gif


Posted on Mar 15, 2017, 2:06 AM

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