There are several other possibilities here

by James

The old shop may have gone out of business, a Cara bought it to re-open under better management. - She has no money because she's putting it all into the shop.

Someone else bought it to rebuild it, and Cara works for them. She is trading less pay for a better work environment.

Some combination of the first two.

It is a dive, but Doc manages to buy it to, and puts Cara in charge with a better budget, and the understanding it's going to be the best place in town. - Doc will probably have to keep his involvement low-key, for fear of scaring away the patrons.

Same as above except Howie and/or Cassiopeia instead of Doc and/or Cara. - They know how to manage a restaurant, and are currently flush with cash.

The current slumlord is Packrat. - And all that that implies.

Some combination of the last three.

Some combination of the... um, let's say 'N' possibilities above.

Posted on Mar 16, 2017, 3:15 PM

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  1. Maybe.... Jelsemium, Mar 16, 2017
  2. You know.... Doc Nickel, Mar 18, 2017
    1. Thanks for explaining. Dave H, Mar 18, 2017
    2. Oh, yes, I'm very aware :-). James, Mar 18, 2017
      1. What a shocking revelation!. Jelsemium, Mar 18, 2017


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