Fish processing...

by Snowtroll

Is a stinky and very intensive job.

The processing plant needs to run 24/7 the entire season, and any downtime at all costs cartfulls of money per hour.
So techs should expect to be housed close, have all necessary tools already in place, 16hour days, possibly be woken up after only one hour of sleep... and bucketloads of money afterwards.

Deducting tools and uniform is NOT acceptable for a job like that.

The real warning not to take that job is this one line:
We will fly you from your home to Cordova; all travel expenses, room and board paid as long as you complete the season.
This means they will hold part of your pay to cover the travel expenses, and if they're using their own aircraft or charter, it could mean 'we set the price, you lose'. (Fly you in as the sole passenger on a cargo plane, then later claim that it was sent specifically to pick you up even if it was stuffed with supplies)
And what if you for one reason or another can't complete the season?
Maybe you injure your hand the last week?
If that line or something ends up in the contract they can still shaft you for the expenses for the entire period.

It wouldn't surprise me the least if they at the end of the season start looking for excuses to 'let employees go early'...

The kind of machinist they want and NEED is very, very expensive. And there's not all that many of them. They should treat them like the unicorns they are, instead of their use and abuse policy.
(Why else would they be searching for them so far away? All the locals know not to accept the contract)

Posted on Mar 17, 2017, 6:14 AM

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