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by TheSkulker

I just found out our school teachers get $100K per year PENSIONS! Probably not all of them, but a lot. And the others are not hurting!

I just found this site [] which looks to be an online database for salaries and pensions of all Calif public employees (sorted by total compensation/benefits). It has blown my mind! No wonder "government" costs so much or why so many have gone or are going bankrupt.

Looking at the "all pensions" DB, the top "pensioner" has been collecting $1.2 MILLION PER YEAR since 2010! On page 1000 we're only down to the $100K per year level. However, that was 1000 pages at 50 pensions per page which yields $100K x 1K pages x 50 per page = $5 BILLION per year. And there are still 21,000+ pages to go! Actually accumulating the individual amounts would probably double or triple the total. Look at page 1000 and browse the job titles there. See how little it takes to get a $100K per year pension. []

If that isn't enough, in Orange County (and probably others) apparently one does not have to be employed for even one day in order to collect a pension! [] In private industry it tipically takes five to ten years to be vested. On the last page there is a person collecting $230 per month for not having worked a day. Others that worked for only 6-7 months have been collecting $400-$500 per month for 10+ years.

While this site is obviously only for California, other states have similar sites (and similar problems). Do a Google search.

I suspect that these are the people that complain how much less public employers pay than private employers! Right! Private industry doesn't even come close (unless you're the CEO, of course).

Posted on Mar 18, 2017, 7:13 PM

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