One Real Day, 2 Minutes ....

by SquirllyOH

At that rate "Today" is going to be 2 years long maybe that is what Doc meant he couldn't wait till 5:00 to see Cara again that would be well Sandy will be wondering why the 4th of July decorations are on her desk right as she gets to clock out.

Couldn't doc have taken a few more minutes to grab the boxes?

(stolen-ish from 24)
Events occur in way longer than Real time, they even occur more drawn out than if my wife were recalling an event and trying to tell the story and I thought that was impossible. I mean it took 3 minuets to play out and it takes my wife 30 to tell the story...


Posted on Mar 24, 2017, 5:00 AM

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  1. A story teller has to set the stage. Jelsemium, Mar 24, 2017


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