by Bruce Bergman

If you're in an apartment they probably aren't going to let you poke a hole in the wall for the permanently mounted CO2 or N2 Dewar fill port.

If you're on the first floor and next to the driveway you can leave the window unlatched and the bottle sitting right inside the window without a screen... Probably won't work either. Go get a dedicated bottle hand truck, and be prepared to horse them in and out.

Probably should have a window open and a fan running even without the CO2 or only using it as a spot inject... Apartments are made a lot tighter than the average industrial unit, because drafts are bad for heat retention.

Posted on Mar 25, 2017, 11:54 AM

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  1. I own the building --. Lord Reacted The Censored, Mar 25, 2017
    1. Modifications, HO!. Bruce Bergman, Mar 26, 2017


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