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by Lord Reacted The Censored

It's an old 1960s vintage house with a finished basement, two out-building garages and so on so forth. It was split into three apartments and a game-room with a huge portion of the basement left undone.

The original owner split it into three apartments so his family could all live under one roof. Him and his wife upstairs in the grand apartment, Daughter and husband next door with their kids, and his elderly grandparents down-stairs. After that fizzled out it became three low-rent apartments and fell into disrepair. I bought it for a song and dance (not saying which one) when the neighborhood improvement group finally forced the slumlord to sell and they got the dope-fiends out.

I recombined the two apartments upstairs sort of (by knocking out a wall) and the downstairs is mostly workshop.

The assembly line has taken over the living room, two arbor-presses and a toaster oven for heating parts.

The rest of it was detailed in another thread.

We're going to see a day when it's no longer practical to live and work under one roof, that's when we'll have to buy a house to actually live in. grin

That's quite away off if "ever." :P

Posted on Mar 25, 2017, 3:48 PM

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