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by Hans

It's been a hectic few weeks, and all of this is just bad timing in relation to my pinball business. I've got a major trade show coming up next week, and I've been struggling to get inventory ready for that. Doesn't help that every time I think I'm getting ahead... I get fairly large orders and there goes another day of progress. So that's been sucking up a lot of my time. Then came the bomb we dropped on ourselves about moving about 100 miles south and getting new jobs. Again a big chunk of time went bye-bye there just dealing with realtors and interviews, of which we haven't even landed new jobs or actually moved yet.

I did come real close to swapping motors or the head, but there's two big roadblocks there. One is that the other engine is currently mostly disassembled, and I'd need to at the very least grab a gasket set and put that together. I'd also want to probably do crank and rod bearings while it's on a stand. But it's also juuuuuuuust different enough to make it a pain in the ass. Compression is higher and the intake manifold bolt pattern is different. So I'd have to source either the correct manifold or an adapter, both of which are additional cost, and I'd essentially have to go straight to the megasquirt instead of using the factory ECU. Though I do have a line on a replacement head of the same time should I need it. I'm just absurdly paranoid about trying to get the 30 year old exhaust manifold bolts out intact.

Throw in a foot of snow on a couple occasions, running out of wood for the garage stove, and unplanned family obligations.

That and I've worked on a couple aspects of the car instead of this f'n bolt, which I haven't covered yet, just to keep my sanity intact. So the project hasn't been languishing completely I just haven't covered this particular part of it.


Posted on Mar 29, 2017, 2:10 PM

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  1. So, just another day in Paradise, huh? (n/t). beejay5169, Mar 29, 2017
  2. Good to hear.... Doc Nickel, Mar 30, 2017


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