Race bike...

by Doc Nickel

It's a specialized race motorcycle, for Bonneville-style timed top-speed runs.

As I recall, it's turbocharged... Kawasaki, I think, 1000cc inline four. The issue here is that unloaded and on the dyno, he can get it to rev to 13+K rpm, but in the bike and at speed, he can only get 10K rpm out of it.

We've discussed and rejected various issues such as valve float, timing issues, ECM programming, injector starvation, and other factors.


Posted on Apr 2, 2017, 12:12 PM

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  1. It's a 750cc GSXR motor in a custom racing car, actually.... MarkF, Apr 3, 2017
    1. Ah! Well that explains everything! NT. Mawson, Apr 5, 2017


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