Re: Interesting bear encounter

by Donkey

Back when I was a kid my family had an Interesting bear encounter. Me and my siblings where in the over cab sleeper of my parents pickup camper wail my parents where in the cab driving. We where driving down the highway at 55mph to go to Yosemite National Forest for our annual vacation. What us kids saw was just a very large blur that we came within inches from hitting. It happened so fast that my father did not even have the time to even try to hit the brakes. As I am sure you have guessed what it was that we came within inches from hitting. It was a fully grown black bear and one that was not on the smaller size. If we had hit it full on it was possible that I would not be here today to be telling you about it. Thankfully everyone came away from it with an interesting story. My family came out from it with a bear encounter story and the bear came out from it with a story about the time that he was almost hit by one of them large metal animals.

Posted on Apr 9, 2017, 1:58 PM

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