Any Arduino guys here? Could use a hand

by Hans

Looking to make a couple new products, and honestly trying to learn two different programming languages at once is a BAD idea, so could use some help with some simple arduino code if somebody has the time. (already struggling to learn WinCUPL for programming SPLD's and CPLD's). Just looking to start with the first design and go from there. Not a huge budget but willing to pay for the work, and would rather give it to somebody here on the guild than some random freelancer from who knows where.

First one is a very simple concept, I want to read an 8x8 switch matrix (with diodes), and display the results on an I2C OLED screen.
A selector switch/button to pick between a couple different potential matrix layouts, and that's about it.
Mainly it's to test out switches on a pinball playfield.

Later on I may want to expand it quite a lot, and add game specific display output, but for now I just need something that displays the basic "Row X, Column X" and which of 4/5 system generations it's attached to.


Posted on Apr 14, 2017, 8:41 AM

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