Wrong guy to ask...

by Doc Nickel

I'm the wrong guy to ask, but even still, two thoughts come to mind:

I have no idea your relative ages or what the guy's dating history is like, nor your local demographics, but I do know that there's quite a few ladies that fall somewhere on the "feminist" spectrum- intentionally or no- who feel that letting the guy do traditionally polite things, like open doors or pay for meals, is anything from itself impolite (as it presumes the woman "needs help", or some such nonsense) to outright "wrong" (as it somehow "demeans" the woman, or implies he's trying to "buy sex", etc.)

I've seen this first hand even up here in Podunk Backwater, Alaska, so I'd assume it's even worse in any larger metropolitan center.

The other is that he sounds like a cheap jerk. Either he's lying to you about how much he makes (but doesn't really, so he can't afford to spring for a date) or he's just cheap.

Of course, a third option is he's young and inexperienced enough he actually has no idea how a proper date works.


Posted on Jun 1, 2017, 2:00 PM

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