No go on the clueless dude.

by Z-man51

If he asked you out on the spur of the moment and did not mention going "Dutch", HE is responsible for all costs: I.e. transportation, food, movie tickets and anything else. The act of asking an individual, especially a female, out for a movie is considered a date unless otherwise stated. If a male then it's automatically considered each pays unless one says he'll cover the costs.
So yes, he dropped the ball in this case and if he asks you out on any future "dates", you need to bring up the matter of who pays before agreeing. However, his actions, especially the bragging on how much he makes, and making you pay are not good indicators. I'd think long and hard about going out with him again as I doubt he'll be agreeable assuming all costs. Plus his actions indicates he considers you as a friend, not as a romantic interest. Future dates are up to you but I wouldn't go unless you sit down and have a heart to heart to see what he wants, a serious relationship or just a friend to TAKE out once in a while.

Posted on Jun 1, 2017, 4:55 PM

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