"Send in the Fem'Hdar..."

by Lord Reacted The Censored

Fem'hdar being a play on the Dominion shock-troops from Deep Space 9... Being a university town we have quite a few butthertzed ultra-SJWs wandering around. There was a gas-station on 27th street that had a habit of hiring them and drivers got tired of the anti-male everything-in-the-world-is-anti-women attitude from from the cashiers. Gas station is under new ownership and is actually fairly nice to stop at now. I understand the SJWs all work across town at a Jiffy Lube of all places. I've heard rumors but haven't had the time to go investigate.

No one wants a dose of ultra-extreme politics first thing in the morning before coffee.. I know I'm fairly laid back when it comes to discussing politics (unless we go ultra-batnipple-extreme)... but come on... laying into every man who says "Good morning" to you is a sign you may need help.

Posted on Jun 1, 2017, 7:27 PM

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