So when will Webcomcis get "discovered"?

by Doc Nickel

I've been talking webcomics with various people online and off, and got to thinking- when will- if ever- webcomics be "discovered"?

Put it this way: It's obvious that the movie studios are getting fairly bereft of ideas, doing little more than either rebooting (or trying to reboot) well-loved old classics (IE, Ghostbusters) or mining comic books for material (IE, Marvel, DC, etc.)

At some point people are going to start clamoring for something new, something that's NOT a 40-year-old comic book, or a reboot-of-a-reboot-of-a-reboot. (Batman Vs. Superman in effect rebooted Dark Knight Rises, which was the end of a trilogy that rebooted the early 90s batnipple movies, which themselves more or less rebooted the character from the campy 60s TV show. Spider-Man, too, was rebooted from the first movie series, and his appearance in Civil War in effect rebooted him again. And so on.)

Now, there's some precedence. Men in Black, for example, was an indie, almost underground comic book that virtually no one had heard of before the movie came out. But the movie was big-budget enough to have a then-top-of-his-game Will Smith and still-high-dollar Tommy Lee Jones in it. Sin City was a somewhat more well known comic, but even here, again, it was only "well known", really, inside comic-enthusiast circles. Everybody and their grandmother's dog knows who Superman is, nobody had any idea who Marv was.

The original Spawn movie of 20 years ago, was another "indie" comic, from the only-slightly-more-known Dark Horse publishing- again, a character that virtually no one outside the comic-geek world knew of.

Cowboys and Aliens has an interesting story behind it- worth looking up, the author literally gamed the system to get it made happy.gif - and was yet again another unknown indie comic, but managed to rate a big enough budget to land Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig.

Now, they're not gonna run out of paper comics anytime soon. Last time I read folding comics on a regular basis, just Marvel alone had 300-400 characters. There's at least another thirty-plus just X-Men they could use, more if you include the New Mutants.

BUT, I think people will start getting pretty darn tired of superhero movies in just a few more years. Once The Infinity Gauntlet wraps up, anything after that will seem a trite letdown (unless they want to bring in the Beyonder, but it'll take some snappy writing to keep that from looking like a "how can we top THIS?!?" hack.)

So, at what point will some studio mogul happen across A Redtail's Dream or Schlock Mercenary or Gunnerkrigg Court and "discover" webcomics as a source of fresh ideas?

I'm sure any "furry" strip would love to see Disney- or Pixar, or whoever- do a Zootopia-level take on their comic, but Disney, at least, is just scratching the surface of what's possible there. I doubt they need to buy out some dinky webcomic just for the idea of talking polar bears. happy.gif

But for live-action stuff, who wouldn't want to see a big-screen version of Outsider? Or Godslave? Or for that matter, the author's earlier work Take Off! Grrl Power would seem too much of a superhero movie, unless it was written to be almost a parody, a self-aware take, kind of like A Million Ways to Die in the West.

A CGI Lackadaisy, if done as well as Zootopia, would rock. Skin Deep could work well, too, although it'd take a massive budget for all the motion-capture CGI.

Think it'll ever happen? If so, when?


Posted on Jun 2, 2017, 4:17 PM

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