Disagree with your disagreement...

by Doc Nickel

Freefall is a bit too... benign, I guess is a good word. There's very little cinematic action.

It'd take a serious rewrite, and you'd have to change major parts of the plot. Like start with the first test flight of Sam's ship, then the strm, then the flood and rescue, then Florence getting lost and injured, then running into the vet.

After that, what? Finish repairing the ship? Make another trip to the Golden Trough? No, you'd have to change it so there's a bad guy- a real bad guy, not just Kornada. A couple of Ecosystems Unlimited goons out to either capture or kill the wolf, leading to chase where a wounded Florence and a "why is this happening to me?" Winston have to make their way through steam tunnels and access ducts to get away, while Sam and Helix foment an AI-rights robot rebellion or something.

And I'm not just dumping on Freefall- my own strip has no cinematically-interesting storyline, so an entirely new- and considerably more interesting and faster paced happy.gif - plot would have to be written.


Posted on Jun 3, 2017, 12:57 AM

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