Over the Hedge movie and Freefall

by James

The Over The Hedge movie was great, and that was a surprise, because the comic strip never had a story that lasted more than a week. In that strip, the characters have always been better than the story. What I think must have happened was that the characters were licensed, and an all new story was written.

The same could happen with Freefall. Although the story line in Freefall is very good, it doesn't lend itself to a movie. I think the characters on the other hand do. So there could be a Freefall movie, it would just be with a story no one would be familiar with. That could be great, or not, based on how good the writing is.

How about this; Pixar licenses Freefall, then Brad Bird, (Iron Giant & The Increadables) writes and directs an all new story.

I agree with you Doc that web-comics are an untapped source of new ideas and new characters, with existing fan bases, ripe for Hollywood exploitation.

Posted on Jun 3, 2017, 8:10 AM

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