Didn't know that, either!

by Typeminer

I didn't know there were cranky wombat ladies! Might have to check that out. happy.gif

(Just what I need--another archive dive . . . .)

This reminds me of my late lamented favorite cousin. When we were about 12, he announced that he had written a natural history epic over the summer: Everything I Know About the Wombats of Zambeziland. Title page, copyright page, dedication page, and 594 blanks. Kid was 50 years ahead of his time. happy.gif

Posted on Jun 3, 2017, 7:59 PM

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  1. You *haven't* read Digger?!. James, Jun 4, 2017
    1. Amending that, gradually. Typeminer, Jun 7, 2017


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