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by Lord *redacted* the Censored

I've actually had good luck with coolant-side "miracle in a bottle" before. It kept my last car from leaking out on my daily commute right up until someone T-boned me. Car can't drive anymore if the rear wheel is tilted 45 degrees from true and the frame is bent in such a way the car is almost a right angle. Spoiler Alert: While serious I survived uninjured. So did the other driver... I regret having to kill him and sell his organs to cover the cost of replacing my car. Or at least that's what got me off with the jury anyway.

Moving on. I found there was a "magic ratio" for that engine, it was an engine in a Ford Taurus Station Wagon. By fiddling with the mixture I could keep the leak to a bare minimum and not cause the engine to overheat. Too much sealer would cause the engine to run hot and leak worse... not enough and it would spew. If that's too technical I apologize, I am not an engine person. wink.gif

My intention was to eventually pull the engine out and have it repaired professionally... the tranny was sound and the frame was in very good condition up until the moment of impact. After that it was in mostly good condition except for the whole bent at an angle and un-drivable aspect.

Posted on Jun 3, 2017, 8:12 PM

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