The problem of a trilogy...

by Doc Nickel

The problem with a trilogy is that, with very few exceptions, they're only done if the first one is a huge, massive success.

The Golden Compass was supposed to launch a franchise- at least a trilogy, if not more, to take advantage of the rich worlds of the books. Well, we all know that despite amazing visuals, the movie tanked so badly they ought to have called it Leonard, Part Seven. happy.gif

Both Star Wars and The Matrix were originally shot as standalone movies, in case they weren't successful enough to go any further.

Much as I like the comic, and would love to see it on the big screen, a movie based off of Freefall would be extremely risky- an unknown character, an unknown storyline, unknown source material, etc. (That's not fatal, of course- nobody knew about Skynet or Terminator robots before that movie came out, either. happy.gif )

And so there's no way the studio would try to push a trilogy out of it, unless they were for some reason willing to throw a blockbuster budget at it- like $100 million or more. That could happen with the right screenplay, the right producer, and a director and/or A-list star pushing very hard for it, but realistically, the only way that'd happen today is if the property were widely known, like a Rowling novel.


Posted on Jun 4, 2017, 12:34 AM

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