by keantoken

I did the head gasket on an old 92 Honda Civic. It had the graphite head gasket which I resorted to removing with sanding discs, the kind they tell you not to use. I made some healthy marks in the head. I flattened it out to within .001" with a plyboard and sandpaper, notwithstanding a few nicks I made around the cylinder walls with a razor blade. Same thing with the head. Powersanded, made some healthy grooves, flattened them mostly out, there was a nick or two at critical sealing surfaces. I did at least make sure to plug the oil holes and other passages with paper towels.

I used a Fel-pro 5-ply MLS gasket, with Permatex copper spray. No leaks for the last several months, it seems to be doing quite well.

Maybe the major difference is I used a 5-ply MLS gasket and the copper spray? I figured I had better go with the best MLS gasket I could afford, as I understand it's the low-ply MLS gaskets that really need very flat surfaces. I hadn't planned on using the copper spray at first until I realized I was stuck with some scary nicks.

I would say the sealer is definitely worth a try, just don't bother with the seal-swellers since your seals are presumably fine.

Posted on Jun 4, 2017, 3:53 PM

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  1. Pull sealant into the leak with shop vac?. keantoken, Jun 4, 2017


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