Nekkid Snow Leopard!

by Doc Nickel

There was a posting on "The Chive" that showed a tiger in a zoo, that'd had a patch of skin shaved, presumably for some medical reason, which in turn showed that the tiger's stripe pattern is also visible in the skin itself.

Along with that, there was another photo showing a snow leopard that had been shaved, revealing that those, too, had a spot pattern on their skin that corresponds to the fur pattern.

So here ya go: naked, shaved snow leopard! happy.gif

[linked image]

(The photo comes from, and the kitty in question was having fatty tissue removed from her stomach area, which was then going to be processed into stem cells, in order to hopefully help heal the cat's arthritic knee.)

I thought it was a cool pic, and kind of an interesting blog.


Posted on Jun 4, 2017, 4:59 PM

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