...nobody makes 'em anymore, far as I can tell.

by tmk

I ran into the same kind of problem rebuilding the motor in my old Grand Am: It had the Quad4 block with the SOHC head, and they only made those motors for 3 years before they figured out it was cheaper and better overall to just use the DOHC head for all of them. Those motors were near-legendary for eating head gaskets, since it was the first time that GM had tried to make their own production iron-block/aluminum head motor in-house from scratch; they spent 8 years and went through three different OEM gasket makers before they came up with something that would hold for more than ~40K.

The last head gasket I put on that car before I got rid of it was the MLS-style gasket with silicone rubber molded into the faces; apparently that was what they finally settled on.

Posted on Jun 6, 2017, 9:42 AM

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  1. That's why Pontiac doesn't exist any more. Dave H, Jun 7, 2017
    1. They don't exist any more primarily because.... tmk, Jun 7, 2017
      1. Oh, I know.... Dave H, Jun 7, 2017
        1. LOL XD. tmk, Jun 7, 2017


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