Just a glitch...

by Doc Nickel

One of the little tricks I've taken to do, when I'm not sure if I can fit all the word balloons into a panel, is copy-and-paste the panel into a new blank page. That way if I need to cut-and-paste or tweak something to make sure it fits, I'm not screwing up the original.

I usually just copy-and-paste the resulting word balloons back into the original panel, but in this case, I just copied the top 4/5ths of the panel, and pasted that whole thing into the original strip.

Well, I'd had to drop the artwork in the panel by quite a bit to there would be room for the dialogue, and as it was another kind of late night for me, I didn't notice the goof. happy.gif


Posted on Jun 7, 2017, 11:09 AM

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