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by jwamsle2

First off, this is my first time posting here. I've followed the comic for years but never had anything good to post until now.

Now, before I go any further, the lathe in question.

[linked image]

And the name plate as best as my crappy ambiguous Walmart brand phone could do.

[linked image]

So, my boss acquired several machine tools and wants me to learn to run them, which I'm more than happy to do. This lathe is the first real piece to come in and I've been working to set up. Considering that this one was snagged for trade before it could be hauled off for scrap I don't think that it had a very good life despite it's pretty blue paint job.

I've got it wired, and it does turn and cut. The problem that I'm running into is that I can't get the thing level. I did a test cut on the bar in the first picture and there as 50-60 thou difference between the front and back. A machine level show it to be 5-10 out from head stock to the end of the ways. Even removing all support from one side doesn't seem to make a measurable difference.

To me, it seems as if the bed itself has a twist to it. I haven't ruled out wear to the ways but they don't have any noticeable wear on them. I also did the test cut between centers to rule out the three-jaw being out of center (which is significant) as well as put a dial indicator on the live center just to make sure that it was turning true as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated but I am trying to avoid lagging it to the floor since it's current position probably isn't going to be its permanent home.

Also, as soon as I get a chance, I'll try and post pictures of the other machines as they come in.

Posted on Jun 7, 2017, 6:08 PM

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