9999 We got another record! Then declined it.

by James

The June meet was one of those good news - bad news sort of events. The good news, there were less than 80 entries. The bad news, there were less than 50 runs.

For days in advance people could see that there wind for Sunday was expected to be high. It was a wonder that anyone got to run. The day started with a steady 15 mile per hour tailwind. That's right near the upper limit that the races can be held. The tailwind really helped the first several vehicles, with 9 of the first 10 runs resulting in records. Last month, there were only 9 records out of 250+ runs.

Our plan was to bump our previous record of 186mph just up into the 190 range. We ran 6th, and hit 189.944 mph! Just about perfect.

[linked image]

The wind held stead for about the first 40 runs, then started to climb, and shortly, the chief timer put the meet on hold due to wind. We waited about 2 hours for the wind to die down. At one one point, someone commented "Everyone except the race director know that the meet is over...". It was the race director that said that. At 11:30 the winds were still going up and by that point were well over 30 mph. The race was officially canceled.

Because the meet was canceled before everyone had a chance to make a run, the points for the meet are not awarded. Teams that set records are allowed to accept them, or decline them. Teams that are not running for points championship will of course happily take their records. But teams running for points like my team actually don't want our record. Since it would put us at a disadvantage for next meet. This was the first time we've ever had to decline a record. We didn't gain any ground, but didn't loose any either.

In consolation, here's a photo of my car from Saturday night I shot while playing with my new strobe.

[linked image]

Posted on Jun 11, 2017, 3:20 PM

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